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OrangeNodes helps you to make sense of ‘learning’ machines


AI shouldn’t be a black box. There are countless different of techniques, but how to make sense of it all. OrangeNodes helps IT personel to make sense of when to use AI, and more importantly, when not. 


Learning can be individual or in a group. Decide below which one suits you best. 


Personal guidance when aiming to become more proficient in AI and Data Science. Biweekly guidance with personal excercises to be guided to the point when you can start your own Artificial Intelligence project. In the first session the learning plan will be discussed. After this, theory will be combined to practice, using papers and coding exercises.


During the neural networks workshop, a group of 5-20 students will get from theory to practice in 2 sessions. The first session consists of theory of neural networks and the start of an assignment. During the second session the participants will share their results and more advanced techniques will be discussed.

Student Testimonials

“It used to be some sort of concept, now it is much more easy to grasp.”
IT-trainee Software Design
“Nice to know that it is simpler than I thought up front. Not that I can make everything up right now, but it was far away and now it feels within reach.”
“This was the best lesson we had so far.”
IT-Trainee Data Analytics

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